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This is Esme....

She is our youngest dog (around 8 months), and was a rescue from the animal shelter. She was listed as a corgi mix, and judging from the ears and face, corgi seems to be at least half of the mix, but the other half is anyone's guess (I bring your attention to that tongue, which is not an exaggeration: it doesn't fit in her mouth a lot of the time, and so is very un-corgi).

We named her after Esme Weatherwax from Terry Pratchett's Discworld books, because she is remarkably strong willed. While she is very smart, unlike her namesake, she doesn't seem to have a great deal of sense (continuing to pester the other dogs or trying to steal their food when they have made it very clear that they don't like this). But she's still a puppy and may grow out of this.

*Sigh* We keep telling ourselves that....

Her hobbies include (aside from those already mentioned) playing tug of war, running around the house like a lunatic, trying to get into places she shouldn't and helping us to get rid of stuff she doesn't think we need anymore.
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This is the first of a trilogy. Barbara pointed out that I had yet to draw a cartoon of our newest dog, Esme, and since I had been planning on doing a cartoon of Argus, why not do all three? So... Part the First:

This pretty much sums up Argus, our oldest dog (about 10 years old). When I got her from Animal Aid, the paperwork described her as Rottwieller/Shepherd mix (possibly because they have to put down SOMETHING, but she looks like what that might look like so we go with that).

All groups of canines will have an alpha member. Argus is certainly not alpha. She is undeniably the omega member of the pack--never mind there are 22 letters between alpha and omega and there are only three members of the local pack. She would be omega in ANY group of animals--which is why we don't have any goldfish or hermit crabs; it would just be too embarrassing to watch.
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Honest, folks! I swear the next cartoon will NOT be about the oil spill.

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Just my take on a recent quote. Any lack of resemblance to to Rand Paul and my characterization can be blamed on a) my dubious artistic talents and b) aside from the fact that he looks like he's carrying a tribble around on his head, he's a pretty bland looking fellow, and therefore not much to work with.


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