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I originally drew this one a couple of months ago (I think when I heard about how the insurance companies were cheating the families of fallen soldiers from the benefits they were due), and got sidetracked. The other day I heard about how these wonderful institutions are making up for the money they'll now lose by not being able to disallow people for having pre-existing conditions (which means just about anybody) by simply no longer offering child-only coverage, and I remembered the cartoon still in the sketchbook...

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Ah, the travails of being a political cartoonist! I drew this last night with the intention of posting it today, and on the way home from work, I heard on NPR that the Right Dishonorable Pastor Jones has agreed to not burn a big pile of Korans (Maybe... things still seem to be a bit fuzzy about the agreement. We shall see.).

Anyway, I decided to go ahead and post it anyway because: a) that Froot Loop has already caused enough damage, b) I wouldn't be surprised if he goes ahead and burns them anyway (or does something equally stupid), c) the point of the cartoon is still valid, and d) I spent an hour or two drawing the bloody thing!

(BTW, I know it's a common name, but it bugs me that he shares the same moniker as one of Monty Python's Flying Circus.)
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Honest, folks! I swear the next cartoon will NOT be about the oil spill.

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Just another cartoon.....

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Just my take on a recent quote. Any lack of resemblance to to Rand Paul and my characterization can be blamed on a) my dubious artistic talents and b) aside from the fact that he looks like he's carrying a tribble around on his head, he's a pretty bland looking fellow, and therefore not much to work with.


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